Self-care – AM to PM

Tanya Ghavri’s guide to planning the ultimate day of self-care – AM to PM

The world is in an unprecedented state of lockdown, and this extended timeout from real life serves as the perfect excuse to reboot our lives and examine the habits that aren’t serving us well. Away from the pressures of constant deadlines, the lockdown offers the chance to take care of the most important asset in your life: yourself! Not quite sure where to get started? I’ve drawn up a handy guide on how to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul from morning to night. My days have been feeling more meaningful and fulfilled ever since I started following this routine, and I hope it brings peace and calmness to you as well!

In the morning:

After waking up in the morning around 7.30 am, I take my thyroid meds on an empty stomach, followed by warm water with apple cider vinegar, a little lime and some cinnamon. This concoction is so good for your system; even before you eat anything in the morning, it kickstarts your metabolism and helps alkalize your body for the rest of the day.


If you’re looking to supercharge your day, having a nutritious, wholesome breakfast is of paramount importance. Here are some options you can choose from:

Overnight gluten-free rolled oats

Soak the oats in milk (could be almond, coconut or oat milk) and add cinnamon with shredded coconut. When you wake up in the morning, top it up with some dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia and one half of a seasonal fruit (I’m loving fresh mangoes these days!)

Gluten-free bread with avocado

Avocados are good fats and really yummy and I love sprinkling them with some chilly flakes and a little salt. This should be followed by either a scrambled egg white or two fried eggs for that morning dose of protein to your system.


Fruit juice is a really bad idea because it contains high amounts of sugar which makes it a no-no. If you are someone who loves fruits, you can have them raw around half an hour before breakfast to give your body some time to digest them.

Post breakfast:

After breakfast, it’s important to give yourself at least 45 minutes before working out. If you work out before breakfast, I would recommend a good smoothie to power you through the workout. A green smoothie with spinach, kale or cucumber can be mixed with coconut water, one date for some sweetness and a scoop of multi-collagen powder.

I have been following a 35-day summer shredding challenge by Chloe Ting, it’s really helped me maintain a consistent schedule for my workouts during the lockdown. I also love Melissa Wood Health, Sanne Vloet and Sami Clarke, their YouTube workouts are extremely good and you will feel amazing after each of their workout sessions.

In the afternoon:

Since I’m from a simple Indian household, our food at home is basic. The only difference is that we have substituted whole wheat with bajra / jowar rotis along with lentils. This is usually accompanied by a cooked green vegetable. I restrict it to one and a half roti on most days, and even rice on some others. It’s a myth that rice isn’t good for you; when had in controlled amounts, it is absolutely healthy. I usually have my meals on the dining table without TV running in the background, so that I can enjoy my meals with my family. It’s a habit I cultivated around two years ago and it makes you feel really good inside.

Post lunch:

If you’re looking for glowing skin, go au naturel with homemade masks. Indian ingredients are incredibly nourishing for the skin, and whatever your skincare concerns are, the solution is usually available in your pantry already.

DIY skincare hack: A simple face mask made by mixing turmeric, honey and lime is extremely moisturizing for the skin. I love following Prerna Style File for her homemade masks and you’ll usually find me looking up recipes for DIY skincare masks all the time on my phone. I also love Dr Jart’s face masks. If you haven’t tried them yet, trust me when I say they are life-changing.

In the evening:

I love to take some time out of my day and go for a calming walk on my terrace with my mum. Since the lockdown has eased a bit, we sometimes walk in our lane as well, keeping in mind all the precautionary measures of social distancing. This time with my mom is extremely precious to me as I catch her up on my life and discuss my latest WFH projects. She loves watching TV shows, so she updates me on the new and interesting things she’s been watching.


My nighttime skincare routine is sacred to me because I have a skin ailment called rosacea. At the end of each day, I swipe a cotton pad filled with make-up remover on my face, even if I have been at home the whole day. This helps cleanse the face completely and get rid of any dirt. This is followed by a toner, the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and then my prescribed creams for rosacea. I end my nighttime skincare routine with a serum, like the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face Serum. I also regularly treat my skin to a little extra pampering with an overnight mask. It’s really important to take care of your skin and let it breathe at night so that you wake up fresh and gorgeous!

Before sleeping:

I end the day by making notes of things I need to do on my phone or in a diary and then tick it off when it’s done. I would be lying if I said I planned my looks for the next day in advance. I’m more of an in-the-moment spontaneous dresser, but I do a lot of research on finding new healthy meal recipes because I love cooking for my mum. It’s a new love that I developed during the lockdown.

I’m hoping once we come out of this lockdown, we all find it within ourselves to stay healthy and practice self-care, even when work or life gets in the way. Taking care of yourself will always make you feel amazing, and it’s really important to put your best foot forward for yourself, over anything else!